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HR Transformation

Achieve optimization with POP
People Optimize Partners (POP) delivers end-to-end strategies through HR consultation and leadership to ensure the optimal and sustained performance of your HR organization. With you, POP crafts customized solutions specific to your organization needs then supports implementation that transforms your HR and your organization. 

This is the time when HR is taking the lead in the most critical aspects of your business: Its people. Having a strong culture and organization alignment directly impacts your bottom line.

Here is how POP transforms HR

HR functional assessments
POP’s methodology and framework enables us to determine the needs of your HR organization while delivering the plan to make it happen.

HR operating model transformation
Often, organizations will find that their HR organization is no longer fitting current needs or those for future growth. POP designs a plan to streamline operations for now and future scalability.

HR transformation and digital innovation
HR now and forevermore has been transformed by technology which helps HR to focus more on what counts: People.

HR process improvement
POP dives into every aspect of your HR processes to find bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and showstoppers, delivering the plan with you that helps you do more with less and better.

HR organization design, implementation, and integration
If HR needs help organizing, POP is here to assess your needs, while working with you on the right organization design to meets the goals of your business. We’ll also be there to implement that plan and integrate it with your people.

Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) Technology
HR technology is the primary service delivery enablement in HR today. As your expert HR technology practitioner, POP works with you to ensure you are leveraging it and you have the right solutions to fit your business.
Request for Proposals (RFPs), assessments, adoption, and implementation
POP’s over two decades of experience will help you determine your HR organization’s needs and provide you with an agnostic approach to resources. We'll work with you on developing RFPs while ensuring successful adoption and implementation.

HR Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Sometimes, the best thing for your HR is to outsource the aspects that allow you to focus on your culture and your people. POP will help you determine and implement the right partner for you.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Integration (M&A)
Anytime two companies come together, HR has the most significant work to accomplish: the merging of people and cultures. POP will help you with a robust plan as well as the implementation to take the pain out of the process. Most importantly, POP helps ensure you meet the objectives of this critical transaction.

HR advisory, coaching, and mentoring
POP is your ideal partner when you have gaps in HR talent, or you have the perfect person who needs assistance and coaching to get to that next level. We have passionate practitioners ready to help and fit your needs.

HR and people branding and communications
POP helps you define your people organization’s branding and communications plan, including surveys such as internal Net Promoter Score (NPS), benefits communications, and culture-based communications. When it comes to people branding, we have you covered.

POP never stops learning or leading

At POP, we stay connected with other thought leaders, top consulting firm trends, and our professional associations. That keeps us at the forefront of what's happening in the marketplace so we can leverage our experience and passion for creating customized solutions that meet our clients' needs.  

Give your people a rewards boost

Want to increase your people performance? Find out how POP delivers strategies in rewards and performance.

Puzzle solving

Your business grows and changes – and some things don’t keep pace. POP digs into the people, the data, and your organizational story to find the disconnects, while empowering your people to deliver.

Missing something?

POP will provide the contingent HR leadership, expertise, and coaching to help your HR organization thrive.

We’ve got your future on lock. So let’s talk. 
Our relationships are everything to us – that's why we've built 100% of our business on client referrals and repeat business through the various stages of a business lifecycle. With POP, you are getting the very best version of us, so that we can deliver the very best results for your business.