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Workforce Rewards and Performance

Improve, transform, and ignite your people organization
When you are building your HR organization and strategy, defining your workforce rewards and performance is vital to getting high levels of employee engagement, while attracting and retaining talent. 

People Optimize Partners (POP) will work with you to deliver a customized and practical solution that improves the employee value proposition, achieves organization performance and alignment, and directly impacts your company’s bottom line.

How POP can help with 
Workforce Rewards and Performance

Rewards and performance strategy and roadmap
You know you need a workforce rewards and performance plan – but where do you start? POP will assess where you are at today and work with you to build your roadmap to success – now and for your future.

Employee engagement and communications
There is a wide range of financial and non-financial rewards that drive employee engagement. POP will holistically dig into where you are at today to discover what motivates employee performance and how to communicate that in a way that connects.

Career framework and implementation
The standard org-chart hierarchy doesn’t always lead to career advancement for high-potential employees. POP will help you build a framework that is aligned with organizational development goals, helping to ensure career progression and opportunities, including employees that do not necessarily follow the status quo.

Compensation and benefits evaluation and design
One size does not fit all when it comes to compensation and benefits. That is why POP  will help you identify your compensation benefits objectives and budget, assess your needs, and formulate a design including communications and ongoing evaluation of effectiveness.
Job and position architecture
Is your job structure outdated or in need of an overhaul? POP will work with you to examine what you have in place, help build job architecture that aligns with your company’s goals, offer standardization of job roles, career paths, equitable compensation, and more.

Base and variable compensation programs
POP will work with you to develop, evaluate, revise, design and implement base and variable compensation plans as a critical piece to your workplace rewards and a vehicle to enabling your organization to meet its goals.

Executive compensation
Responsibility creates the need for unique compensation programs for executives. POP will help you design executive compensation plans that align pay with company performance and shareholder expectations.

Performance management programs
Employees need to know what is expected of them and how it ties to the goals of the organization. POP will help you define processes for employees and managers to develop objectives, progress, as well as ongoing coaching to grow employees to their full potential.

Total Rewards governance
Rewards programs are costly, impactful and sensitive. A governance framework is key to level set on evaluation, oversight and decision making. POP can support your organization with these needs.

POP remains at the forefront of people strategies

POP is always learning so we can always lead. That is why we stay on top of what's happening in the marketplace so we can leverage our experience and passion for creating customized solutions that meet your needs. Here are just some of the organizations we follow:  

If you build it, they will thrive

Transform your organization for optimal people performance.

Puzzle solving

Your business grows and changes – and some things don’t keep pace. POP digs into the people, the data, and your organizational story to find the disconnects, while empowering your people to deliver.

Missing something?

POP will provide the contingent HR leadership, expertise, and coaching you’re looking for.

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Our relationships are everything to us – that's why we've built 100% of our business on client referrals and repeat business through the various stages of a business lifecycle. With POP, you are getting the very best version of us, so that we can deliver the very best results for your business.