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POP provides the jet fuel to feed and build your HR strategy
If you build it, they will thrive
Transform your HR organization with POP!
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We're people first. And we're People Optimize Partners (POP).

Your company has a unique DNA just like your people – that is why we bring a systematic approach to customizing our services to deliver human resources and organizational development solutions specific to the needs of you and your business. 
You’ve built an experience that deserves customized solutions.
People Optimize Partners (POP) brings curiosity and expertise to your people, process, and technology practices to help your people and organization thrive. Why not have people strategists who meet you where you are, helping you to see what is possible? That is POP. We deliver your, “what’s next.”
Optimization, Strategy, and Aligning for Organizational Success

POP is passionate, pragmatic, and results-driven and has been delivering national and global solutions for more than two decades.
Here's how we help your HR organization thrive:
HR Transformation

POP consults and leads projects to ensure optimal performance and value of the HR function. With you, we craft a customized solution specific to your organization, then support implementation that will transform your HR and your organization.

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Workforce Rewards & Performance

Your organization and human resources strategy define your workforce rewards and performance. POP customizes practical solutions to improve the employee experience and organization performance.

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Organizational Effectiveness

You need the development of your organization’s capability through alignment of strategy, structure, process, people, and rewards. POP builds you a custom solution that establishes and leverages methodologies to achieve the workforce knowledge and skills that help you drive organization success.

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Contingent HR Leadership, Expertise, and Coaching

Sometimes you need interim, project-based, or HR leadership advice. POP’s expert HR professionals come from a variety of industries across the nation and globe. We help lead the people side of business transactions, filling the gap between HR leaders, while coaching your existing HR talent. Whatever you need, POP’s got your back.

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Don’t get left behind. See and be the workplace of the future.
The landscape of HR is evolving more rapidly than ever. What is your organization doing to stay in front of it? With projections of the workforce being contingent by 2020, the time to act is now. POP’s got your back and your future. 

The space between

Gaps happen: in knowledge, skills, ability, and resources, and they can find their way into growing organizations. POP fills that organizational void with a hands-on plan that we create and implement to move your company forward, together.

Puzzle solving

Your business grows and changes – and some things don’t keep pace. POP digs into the people, the data, and your organizational story to find the disconnects, while empowering your people to deliver.

We’re another set of eyes

You’ve built your HR strategy and now you want a third-party POP resource to review your technology and your people organization, while verifying, validating, and modifying the little (or big) gaps.

We’ve got your future on lock. So let’s talk. 
Our relationships are everything to us – that's why we've built 100% of our business on client referrals and repeat business through the various stages of a business lifecycle. With POP, you are getting the very best version of us, so that we can deliver the very best results for your business.